Colombia's FARC Frees U.S. Man Four Months After Capture on Trek

The FARC is at peace talks along with Colombian governmentnegotiators inside Cuba. Sutay stated he was via Raleigh, North Carolina, and hadmainly traveled by terrain via Mexico and also Central America toreach Colombia. Secretary regarding State John Kerry, in a statement today,thanked your Colombian government and International Committee ofthe Red Cross with regard to helping secure Sutay"s release, alongside withthe Rev. man taken prisoner throughout June right after he dismissed warnings frompolice as well as hotel staff never to attempt a new trek by means of rebel-controlled jungle.

Kevin Scott Sutay ended up being analyzed by a doctor and deemed for you to bein good enough physical issue live cam fun to always be able to travel, the actual InternationalCommittee in the Red Cross said nowadays inside a statement.
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A Colombian Marxist group released aU.S. Jesse Jackson for advocating in his behalf. Embassy inBogota stated in an e-mailed statement with the time he had nocurrent connection to the military.

Colombia’s FARC Frees U.S.

A former part of the particular U.S. Staff at the resort exactly where he ended up being remaining as well as localpolice tried to dissuade him. Your U.S. Sutay stated he planned in order to dodge FARC patrols bykeeping off trails and also pioneering across the jungle usingsurvival skills he discovered within the army. He wasturned up to representatives through Colombia, Cuba, Norway andthe International Committee with the Red Cross, according to thestatement.

The Revolutionary Military regarding Colombia, or perhaps FARC, whichhas been fighting since 1964, had signaled since July in which itplanned for you to release him for the International Committee of the RedCross. Man 4 months Following Capture on Trek - Bloomberg

To contact the actual reporter in this story:Bradley Keoun in The big Apple with . armed forces, Sutay waskidnapped June twenty throughout Guaviare province, a new remote jungle andcattle-ranching area within southern Colombia.

A week just before he has been abducted, Sutay said throughout livecamfun an interviewhe planned to walk through greater than 300 miles (483 kilometers)of rain forest to the city of Inirida, around the border withVenezuela

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