Retired Air Force colonel now homeless, living in his van

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How could this get happened? the fact is complex and representative regarding what veterans confront after they try to re-enter civilian life.

But Freniere isn't giving up.
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After retiring, it took Freniere a year to get a occupation with a protection contractor. "I've got the large amount of great experience. but an in-depth profile of Freniere through The Actual Philadelphia Inquirer shows in which problems affecting veterans don't discriminate based on chain regarding command; they go up to the leading brass.

Homeless former colonel's story illustrates broad problems facing U.S. I'm mission-oriented," he told the actual Inquirer. Robert Freniere, 59, will be living out of his van, filling in task applications about public computers within libraries.
"I'm the military guy. I don't know just how long it's planning to maintain up, however I've got it. I've got 2 beautiful sons. I've got any van. "Only 7% involving the overall population can easily claim veteran status, yet almost 13% in the homeless adult population are usually veterans."
He spent 3 decades in the U.S. Any divorce, the expenses involving a pair of kids' higher education expenses and also struggles along with dyslexia left Freniere calling his van his home.

According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, a few 58,000 vets confront life in the trail each day, and "over the program of your year, approximately twice that lots of expertise homelessness," the business says. for individuals beneath get older 25, your price raises dramatically in order to 30 percent.. military, earned 3 graduate degrees and eventually worked his approach towards the Pentagon just before retiring -- however today, former Air Force Col. Any time that truly work dried up, it had been difficult to locate a civilian job which complemented his qualifications inside intelligence. Your rate amongst veterans who've served since the Sept.
Freniere's story holders inside stark distinction to common beliefs concerning unemployed, homeless veterans being composed of former soldiers from your rank-and-file. 11, 2001, attacks about the Globe Trade center and additionally the Pentagon is an acronym in 10 percent, or perhaps 246,000 from work. I've got a new large quantity of things to be thankful for."
Unemployment is definitely an even bigger problem

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