Safeway Sold To Albertson’s In $9.2 Billion Supermarket Mega-Merger

The mixed business still ranks powering Kroger using its 2,600 shops as well.

Alberston's CEO Bob Miller gets executive chairman of the manufacturer new company to be formed as soon as Safeway is actually sold.
Kroger provides expressed fascinating buying some Safeway stores, so however the company would nor comment Thursday, the actual possibility remains involving Safeway getting sold, at least throughout part, towards the simply supermarket organization bigger compared to itself.

. Yet if Safeway is sold to a new new company, that buyer would have in order to fork more than $250 million to end up being able to Cerberus pertaining to its pains.

"There can become a distinct and compelling rationale with regard to this merger," mentioned Safeway CEO Robert Edwards, which is likely to be CEO with the merged organization following Safeway will be sold. "This my site merger will improve our competitive position."
Cerberus capital Management this past year bought out Albertson's as well as Shaw's supermarkets, Star Market, Acme and also Jewel Osco. Safeway will be the second-largest supermarket chain inside the United States, trailing just Kroger Co., that owns supermarkets throughout the south, also as the popular Southern California chain Ralph's as well as numerous other regional chain stores.
The way these giant deals work, the facts can be Safeway just isn't sold yet. the price at which in turn Safeway ended up being marketed continues to be reported from high as $9.4 billion. Through merging Albertson's as well as Safeway, Cerberus now commands the store empire associated with a lot more than 2,400 retailers which employ any quarter-million people.
Safeway had been offered for the parent or guardian business involving leading competitor Albertson's about Thursday in the merger involving a couple of store giants reportedly valued at $9.2 billion. Right now the business features additional your supermarket giant Safeway to its portfolio.

Safeway Marketed In Order To Albertson's Throughout $9.2 Billion Food Store Mega-Merger
Edwards asserted consumers may look forward for you to lower prices, thanks towards the elevated efficiency expected now in which Safeway is offered to be able to Albertson's. the organization has a 3 week period for you to pay attention to some other offers. Nevertheless he also declared the actual merged organization does not anticipate to close any 1 of its existing shop locations.

In fact, it's competition from "big box" shops for example Wal-Mart, as well as discount warehouse outlets like Costco -- and upscale supermarkets like whole Foods and Trader Joe's -- that has put the squeeze in traditional store chains as well as played a task Safeway ultimately getting sold.
That nevertheless puts the new grocery store behemoth well behind the particular nation's largest private employer, Wal-Mart, using its 2.2 million employees

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